Grandmother Turtle Lodge


WHAT:      Grandmother Turtle Lodge and Leadership Conference
WHEN:      Thursday October 16th, 2014 continuing through Sunday October 19th, 2014
WHERE:    W1601 County Road J, Green Lake Wisconsin 54941

Grandmother Turtle Lodge
Grandmother Turtle Lodge

From The Land Folk Art Festival ( Presents: “GRANDMOTHER TURTLE LODGE” and Leadership Conference.

GRANDMOTHER TURTLE LODGE is a time- honored, centuries old method of educating youth and adults into customs, morals and values of Indigenous Peoples.

GRANDMOTHER TURTLE LODGE is a traditional healing lodge of the Great Lakes Anishinabeg People. It is also a traditional fall gathering of people to celebrate the abundance of “Mother Earth”, to honor “Mother” with dancing, singing and ceremony for healing.

The Fall Harvest Feast was a time for the families to come together and greet old friends, relatives and acquaintances before returning to their winter camps.

GRANDMOTHER TURTLE LODGE was a time for spiritual healing, and to pray for the Earth. It was a time for weddings, namings, and time for people to get the medicines and doctoring a community could bring.

Activities include:

Feast at noon on Thursday Oct. 16
Followed by Purification (sweat lodge) at 3pm.
Grand Entry into lodge at 5pm
Healing/Doctoring Round at 6pm
Talking Circle at 6:30pm
Singing and Dancing until 10pm
Followed by Purification

Evening activities will be repeated daily and there will also be a FRUIT FEAST after dancing Friday night.

GRANDMOTHER TURTLE LODGE WILL CONTINUE UNTIL EARLY SUNDAY. If you want to participate, at any time, you will be welcome. Monetary donations are accepted and appreciated, but donations of goods such as blankets or tobacco are also needed. Please dress comfortably in layers and bring a towel. Men should bring shorts and women are encouraged to wear long skirts. For more information contact Jan at 920-216-1729.


Printable PDF of Press Release: GrandmotherTurtleLodgePressRelease

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